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Do you ENJOY Cooking Healthy food?

Send us your recipes. The best ones will be featured on our site.

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Cauliflower with Turmeric – 5 Minutes Recipe

Adding turmeric (which contains the powerful golden-hued polyphenol curcumin) to what is this miracle veggie, cauliflower, may be especially powerful in fighting cancer. This anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich dish cooks up in just five minutes, making it perfect for...

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Chickpeas Sunday Picnic Salad

On the other hand, here in the UAE we can call it Friday picnic instead of Sunday 🙂 This super healthy salad is very easy to prepare and carry in an airtight container. Makes a delicious side salad for any barbecue but it can equally be a meal on its own....

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Quinoa Rocket Salad

Quinoa Rocket Salad – Super Simple, Super Healthy 1 serving Ingredients: 2 handfuls of rocket leaves 1 cup of pre-cooked quinoa 10 cherry tomatoes 1 handful walnuts 1 handful pumpkin seeds 1 handful raw sunflower seeds Dressing: Juice of a medium lemon 4 tbs olive or...

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Amazonian Sensational Cosmetic Ingredients

With the introduction of our newest organic cosmetics brand IKOVE, we would like to enlighten you on the unique benefits of the Amazonian and Brazilian rain forests ingredients used in these products. SOME REMARKABLE AMAZONIAN INGREDIENTS TO WATCH FOR Brazilian seeds...

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What are Organic Certified Cosmetics?

Organic Certified Cosmetics   We see the words “organic & natural” thrown around a lot these days. But what does it mean to be truly organic? The recent interest in natural ingredients in cosmetics has led to an emergence on the market of products that are...

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