Today we will talk about why switching to an organic, natural lifestyle is the path to a longer and happier life.

What have we done to our food?

Even fresh commercial food travels at least few days before you eat it and because of that, you may only get less than 40% of its nutritive value.

Do not forget to take into account that most of these harvests come from a depleted and overexploited soil, missing most of its minerals, crops that grow in polluted air and watered with poor quality water.
Moreover, to add to that, for whatever reasons, we decided that we will spray our food with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides; we decided that we will genetically modify things we don’t know nothing about

Because of all of those unnatural interventions, even the fresh vegetarian commercial food is deficient and toxic.
Then, to make the food even less nutritional and unhealthy… we cook it. Researches are showing that food in its natural state contains life enzymes, “life workers” that help with the digestion and the use of all the nutrients it has. Phillip Day, investigative journalist and author, says that when you eat cooked food, your body, your immune system reacts to it as a toxin. Obviously, that is not a good thing for your body to stat fighting against the same food that supposed to nourish it.

Since 1930-s, extensive studies of Swiss Dr. Paul Kouchakoff and many others after him, have shown that if you eat more than 51% cooked food, your body gets a false alarm and reacts like being invaded by a foreign organism.
Why do we choose medicines over a healthy lifestyle?

Deaths caused by heart diseases and cancer, have doubled in the past 25 years, despite all researches and all medications pushed down our throat by the pharmaceutical industry. Despite good advice from world authorities on the healing benefits of organically grown, healthy , raw vegetarian diet, supplemented by vitamins , majority choose to ignore it. Majority choose to take the expensive and painful path of the conventional medicine because the pharmaceutical corporations’ constant brainwashing campaigns pushing medicines as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about the money! There is no money in health but in sickness and diseases, full hospitals, fueling a pharmaceutical industry of hundreds of billions of dollars every year!

Take responsibility!

Human body has the capacity to heal itself and it has been demonstrated repeatedly how switching to healthy eating has improved and healed complex conditions. It is about time that we all pull the veil off our eyes and do what is right for our bodies. It is about the time that a shift in paradigm takes place in each of us and we start listening to our inner voices, which all cry for a radical change, for a life closer to and in harmony with nature.

Andrew Saul, a world-renowned authority in healthy nutrition says, “People should stop being patients and should start being people. Why not be healthy and happy? You change your life, you do some exercise, you feel better, you look better, you live longer, you save money and you have the enormous satisfaction that you have done it yourself. People think … I do not have medical education, I cannot know this… How complicated is it to eat right, drink vegetable juices and exercise? You do not need any degree to know that. It is too simple to work. It’s cheap, is simple, is safe , is effective. The biggest simple reason why people aren’t doing this is that it requires taking responsibility”

Love your life! Take responsibility! Eat right! What you fuel your body with really matters!

And to end it with, please make time to watch this eye-opening and life changing documentary. It is worth its time in gold.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

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